Summer 2013

September 10, 2013

The first picture is JAD EZRA W3128  Ezra is the largest framed bull that I’ve used for a long time.  He’s got good feet, stays sound and I was pleased with the first daughters that we calved this spring.

The 2nd picture is of JAD PAUL X158-6157  Paul is an easy moving easy breeding bull with intelligence and a sunny disposition.

The 3rd picture is of JAD PRESCORE WA743-6157  Prescore has been a dominant bull here for the last few seasons.  We have several sons of his for sale this fall.  They are stamped hard in his image.  We lost Prescore to a career ending injury this year.

Chasing the PHEONIX

July 2, 2012

According to my highly sophisticated market research, the “Herd Bull” page is where everyone goes first when they come to the web site.  That is pretty much what I do to.  The bulls tell the story pretty quickly don’t they?

So I decided to get ours updated to more accurately portray the sires that we are currently using.  I was going to get a good picture of JAD PHOENIX U6157.  It wasn’t easy.  First he was in the tall grass.

                                                 Then he went down in the water.


Then he was standing with his front end down.  Then I almost got a good one by the fence except for that tall grass.  Then he went back down in the creek.  Well, I’ll keep trying.  I’m hoping to get the sire page updated with pics and pedigree for JAD PRESCORE WA743-6157JAD PAUL X158-6157; JAD EZRA W3128; JAD FX T6306; JAD PROSPERITY Y411-6157


October 14, 2011

We’ve got around 50 of these long-yearling bulls for sale on Saturday Dec. 3, 2011

Top performer and quiet enough to eat cubes out of your hand.

Developed slowly for maximum soundness and fertility

One of several outstanding sons of JAD LAD S6306

Selected on functional efficiency with emphasis on excellence in maternal characteristics.

JAD LAD S6306 X HBR ENCORE 0544 X RITO 054 (Bred for maternal performance)

We want your business!  Go to the contact page and get on our mailing list for a catalog.

The bulls are for sale.  The dog stays.

Pleased with Paul

September 21, 2011

This is JAD PAULx158-6157 as a yearling that has been working about 60 days.  I could not be any happier with this bull.  The way he looks, the way he works, the way he thinks, and the way he moves suits me just fine.  He was plain as a calf, most would say he’s plain as a yearling but unless I miss my guess, he’ll be very impressive in the next picture I take.  I’ve been at this long enough that I should know better than to make bold statements about an unproven bull, but he does please me.   I pulled a little semen this spring and used him natural and A.I.

Prudent Lad Daughters (part 3)

September 21, 2011




From top to bottom this is JAD FRANCES T14, JAD ANNIE 1118, andJAD FRANCES T54  I expect you’re wondering why I would even bother to picture these thin young cows in late fall.  The entire breed is moving toward more flesh on less frame.  Most of the pictures in most of the ads show big-bellied bulls with fat butts and hips pointed to the sky and their female counterparts with short necks, and fat briskets pointing to the ground.  I’ve been there and I sure prefer these kind of cows.  They milk down a little and show a little back bone this time of year.  They’re feminine/fertile.  They’re built to walk and as I get a little older, I sure understand the advantage of less weight on a frame for longevity.


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