JAD LAD S6306 is the combination of two of our very best cows.  His paternal granddam is Shoshone Prudence 6157 and his Dam is Shoshone Frances 6306.  The two middle pictures were taken late in the Fall of 2008 and the first and last pictures were taken in late July of 2009.  He is siring a lot of performance.  His sons will be some of the best growth bulls offered in our fall sale.   We are keeping one of his first sons, to use as a herd bull.  His name is JAD FX-UR38.  Notice that 6306 is the granddam on the top and bottom.  You can look at her picture and pedigree on our “COWS” page.  I have limited first hand experience with the cows in the pedigree beyond 6157 and 6306 but as near as I can tell both bulls have nothing but outstandingly good females behind them.  I think it’s interesting that neither one of these bulls offered much individuality as young bulls.  My selection of them was based entirely on the strength of the cows behind them.   We have a full brother to Lad S6306 that we call JAD FX T6306.  The two brothers will work side by side to breed our cow herd and increase the influence of Shoshone Frances 6306.  She also produced a bull by JAD JUANADA RUT RM84 that will be for sale this fall and she has a bull calf on her now whose parentage DNA results should be back any day.  Now if she would just produce a few more daughters.

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