Chasing the PHEONIX


According to my highly sophisticated market research, the “Herd Bull” page is where everyone goes first when they come to the web site.  That is pretty much what I do to.  The bulls tell the story pretty quickly don’t they?

So I decided to get ours updated to more accurately portray the sires that we are currently using.  I was going to get a good picture of JAD PHOENIX U6157.  It wasn’t easy.  First he was in the tall grass.

                                                 Then he went down in the water.


Then he was standing with his front end down.  Then I almost got a good one by the fence except for that tall grass.  Then he went back down in the creek.  Well, I’ll keep trying.  I’m hoping to get the sire page updated with pics and pedigree for JAD PRESCORE WA743-6157JAD PAUL X158-6157; JAD EZRA W3128; JAD FX T6306; JAD PROSPERITY Y411-6157